How To Spot Nursing Home Abuse and Negligence

It is a shame that we have to discuss nursing home abuse and neglect. At the end of our lives we hope to be treated with dignity and respect. We hope for our aging parents[...]


Attorneys of Matthew G. Miller PC, LLO

Here at Matthew G. Miller we practice exclusively in personal injury law and wrongful death, which means all of our clients have had something horrible happen to them. Our clients have experienced a life-changing injury[...]


Why Jurors Should Care About Civil Cases

"Jury duty is a drag!" Granted that spending the day at the courthouse isn't most people's idea of a good time, serving on a jury is an important civic duty. When it’s your turn to[...]


Who Do The Lawyers Represent?

The structure of our legal system is complicated and may seem overwhelming. When someone needs to hire a personal injury attorney, oftentimes they are not sure where to turn. Many of our clients come to[...]


What Is An Expert Witness? Who Pays For Them?

Expert witness testimony often plays an important role in personal injury cases. Whether the case goes to trial or settles beforehand, the case can hinge on the findings of an expert witness. What is an[...]


Jury Duty: What Kinds of Questions Will Lawyers Ask Me?

Jury duty is something that makes many people nervous. The courthouse procedures, the judge sitting stoically in a black robe, and the formality of the courtroom process can be intimidating. However, serving on a jury[...]

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