How to Know If You Have A Car Accident Case?

September 1, 2019 Auto Accidents

One of the most frequent questions an Omaha accident lawyer gets is what to do after a car accident. If your vehicle sustained damages or you were injured, you may have a case and you want to reach out to your insurance company. It is also highly recommended that you reach out to an attorney for a free personal injury case consultation as soon as possible. Still, not all car accidents are severe enough to warrant a lawsuit. 

There are many situations in which you may not want to file a lawsuit, but even more where you can. The most obvious (and primary) reason to file a car accident lawsuit is to get fair compensation for damages to the vehicle as well as to the person. If you don’t see someone, namely the insurance company, providing that money, it may be time to discuss whether or not a lawsuit should be filed.

You Have A Case If You Aren’t Getting Fair Compensation From The Insurer

Personal injury and accident cases seek monetary damages. If your accident and injury attorney believes that your case is worth more than what the insurance company is offering, and believes that it is unlikely they will increase the offering in settlement negotiations, it may be time to file a lawsuit. A good accident and injury attorney in Omaha will have previous experience that will help them to determine the next step in moving forward with your case. 

It is important to remember that personal injury cases are on a scale, so you want to find a lawyer with years of experience. For many, it will be difficult to put a price tag on pain and suffering, for example. A good attorney can help you there and help to figure out medical costs, lost wages, and other figures that may go into a good settlement amount.

With a good lawyer on your side, you may not even need to go to court.

How to Know If You Have A Car Accident Case in Omaha

If you want to know if you have a car accident case in Omaha, you can review specific evidence. Looking at the police report will provide specific accident-related details, weather conditions, and other pertinent information. This is likely what the insurance company uses to make a determination of what happened. At the same time, looking at medical reports that detail your injuries, treatment, and follow-up procedures are also crucial. A case is strengthened based on the injuries sustained and your compliance with treatment.

One of the most common reasons people have a car accident case is because of criminal misconduct (such as DUI or DWI) by the other driver. Another frequently seen cause of car accidents is distracted driving, such as cell phone use. If you question whether or not you have a case, it is in your best interest to reach out to a lawyer who will look at the details and help you to make a determination. Most accident and injury attorneys in Omaha offer free personal injury case consultations.

An Accident And Injury Attorney In Omaha’s Opinion Can Help Make Hard Decisions

Seeking out the advice of a professional is the best thing you can do if you or someone that you love has been injured in a car accident. A lawyer with experience can help you decide what the best-case scenario will be for your situation. Valuing a case might not seem difficult, but it is more complicated and complex than you may think.

From the outside, it can be difficult to determine what type of case you have, the value of the case, and if a lawsuit needs to be filed.

If you were injured in an accident, you do have a right to fight for fair compensation. If you are suffering after an accident, contact Matthew G Miller, an accident and injury attorney with experience, who can help to overcome your struggles, give you peace of mind, and come away with the compensation you deserve. Call us now at (402) 558-4900.