How Insurance Companies Try to Short-Change Accident Victims

April 28, 2014 Auto Accidents, Insurance, Personal Injury

Don’t Let Them Convince You To Settle For Less Than Your Claim Is Worth

Insurance companies are powerful corporate organizations that use pressure and well-honed techniques to convince injured accident victims to settle their claims for far less than they are worth.  As an attorney working in this industry, you start to see patterns of behavior that insurance companies, adjusters, and legal departments use in an effort to save money by cheating innocent accident victims out of the settlement that they deserve.  Here are some of the common methods that insurance companies will use to try to minimize your settlement:

Call when you are flustered

Many accident victims have lots on their mind in the aftermath of an accident.  They may be hospitalized, disoriented, or on medication.  Most importantly, they may not have hired an attorney yet.  Insurance companies will try to get accident victims to make statements or agree to settlements before the victims have had the opportunity to hire an attorney.

Pretend they are on your side

Insurance adjusters will often call, act concerned, and give the victim the impression that they are trying to help and will be willing to make a reasonable settlement.  Don’t be fooled.  Insurance companies are usually only worried about their bottom line and will do anything to minimize your settlement.

Urge you to not seek legal advice

Many insurance adjusters attempt to get you to agree to a settlement before you have an attorney, and some will even discourage you from speaking to a lawyer.  This is a major red flag and sign that you DO, in fact need an attorney as soon as possible.

Deny your claim

It sounds crazy, but insurance companies will actually wrongfully deny your claim as a strategy.  They hope that you will give up, believe them when they say that your case is worthless, and they will walk away without having to pay you anything.

Question your medical treatment

Insurance companies routinely question the severity of a victim’s injury, claiming that it was caused by something else, or that it was a figment of the victim’s imagination.  Any accident victim knows the pain and inconvenience that come from an accident are not in their mind.  They are real and they deserve compensation.

Make premature offers

If an insurance company is making an offer before you have an attorney or before you have finished your medical treatment, they are trying to get you to agree to a number lower than you deserve.  Get the complete picture of what your case is worth by speaking with an attorney.

Make unreasonably low offers and refuse to budge

Just like denying your claim, insurance companies will tell you that a low offer is their “final” offer.  Hire an attorney and put pressure on them to make an offer that is, at the very least, reasonable.

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