Kearney, Nebraska

Kearney, Nebraska is a one of a kind place that others try to live up to, but often fail. This small city is filled with important historical and cultural museums and family-friendly activities alike.  Unique shopping venues, where you can find almost anything you can imagine, are featured in downtown Kearney, including “The Bricks” and at the Hilltop Mall.

Food and drink are also quite popular here, thanks to an assortment of restaurants featuring local flare, international, national franchise and, of course, Nebraska favorites.  

Things to Do In Kearney, Nebraska

There are many great things to do in Kearney, NE, including cultural, artistic, sports, and religious events. Kearney is home to many museums thanks to its location on many different trails. This includes the Museum of Nebraska Art, the state’s official art collection. There are hundreds of works of art here, spanning from some 200 years ago to today.

Other attractions include George W. Frank House, the Robert M. Merryman Performing Arts Center, the Viaero Event Center, two microbreweries (Thunderhead Brewing and the Platte Valley Brewery), and The Classic Car Collection.

Some other popular locations in Kearney include: Apollo Park, Buffalo Ridge Golf Course, Centennial Park, Collins Park, Cottonmill Lake Recreation Area, Dryden Park, E.K. & Mary Yanney Heritage Park, Fort Kearny State Historical Park and Recreation Area, Harmon Park, Harvey Park, Kearney Country Club, Meadowlark Hills Golf Course, Kearney Memorial Field, Pioneer Park, Nina Hammer Park, Ted Baldwin Field,  West Lincoln Way, East Brooke Park, and Patriot Park.

Famous People From Kearney, NE

Some of the famous people from Kearney, Nebraska include: Drew Anderson, Jon Bokenkamp, Solomon Butcher, Alexander H. Conner, Leslie Easterbrook, Tom Kropp, James A. Lake, Kyle Larson, Lorraine Langford, Stephen R. Lawhead, Brett Maher, David Martin, Andy Pessoa, Peter George Peterson, Tim Schlattmann, Kathy Lou Schultz, Charlie Tuna, Elizabeth T. Uldall, Chuck Welch, Don Welch, and Dale E. Wolf.

Kearney In Popular Culture

During its sixth season, television show Dexter had an episode set in Kearney, Nebraska – part of this is because the show’s co-executive producer is a graduate of Kearney High School.

A scene from the movie About Schmidt was filmed here as well.

Fun Fact:

In 2010, the City of Kearney proclaimed Kearney as the “Sandhill Crane Capital of the World.” For six weeks, from late February to early April, more than 80% of the world’s population of Sandhill Cranes converges on Nebraska’s Platte River.

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