Motorcycle Accidents: What To Know

February 28, 2019 Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous. As a Nebraska personal injury lawyer, we have seen many different kinds of emergencies and injuries that come as a result of motorcycle accidents. Luckily, bikes today are developed to give you the best possible tools to avoid getting into a crash – and if you take care of your bike (which you should), you are going to be safer.

In order to avoid motorcycle accidents, you should learn how to use your tools and your skills. Here are some great tips:

Know Your Motorcycle Safety

If you want to lower your odds of getting injured in a motorcycle accident – or even worse, you should know basic driver safety backward and forwards. You can complete a new rider course through your local driving center or go to a private track to get a lesson. The more time you can spend learning how to handle yourself, the safer you will be on the road.

Of course, you also want to have the best gear. Make sure that you are wearing a helmet that is colorful enough so that other drivers can see it. Wear a durable jacket or a suit that can help to reduce the risk of road rash or scrapes if you are in an accident.

Immediately After An Accident

Right after an accident, you should first assess your wellbeing. If you hit your head, you may not want to move it too much, but you should try to get yourself to safety if you are in the way of traffic. At this point, your adrenaline may be rushing, so you might not feel any pain. While you are gathering yourself, you need to remain calm and think about what steps to take next.

Do your best to approach the experience logically and avoid doing anything that could make the situation worse. Avoiding saying much at all (use Aaron Burr’s philosophy of “talk less, smile more”) because you could say something that could incriminate you.

Take Photos

Once you ensure that the scene is safe enough to move around, you want to take pictures so that you can have documentation of what went wrong. Most people will have their phones on them, so take a variety of pictures from different angles. You may even want to take videos with your phone.

Make sure to document the motorcycle, the other vehicles, the surrounding environment, and anything that is on the road. The more information you have, the better.

Move Your Bike Off The Road

Once you have successfully taken pictures (if you can), you want to move your bike off the road as soon as possible. Leaving your bike in the road can make further damage to it and it can pose a hazard to oncoming traffic. Especially at night, approaching drivers might not be able to see the accident debris – and you could be responsible for any accidents that this may cause.

Get The Information You Need

You want to call 911 for emergency assistance (if there is someone hurt), to include having the local police department come to the scene to file a police report. You will also want to speak to witnesses, passengers, other drivers, and the police officers at the scene to get information. Here are some tips of what to collect:

  • Contact information of anyone involved in the situation, this should include the names and phone numbers or email addresses of all witnesses and bystanders;
  • Vehicle information of any and all involved vehicles, including: make and model of the vehicles, license plate numbers, and any damage that you can see;
  • The name and badge number of the officer who wrote the police report;
  • The police report number for access later;
  • The vehicle identification numbers (VIN) for any involved vehicles for insurance purposes; and
  • Insurance company name and contact information for involved vehicles

Contact a Nebraska Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Lawyer

You may need to retain a motorcycle accident attorney for a variety of reasons after you have an accident. If you have incurred severe personal injuries and associated costs, if the insurance company tries to deny your claim or settle too quickly, or if your damages exceed the limits of your policy, our Nebraska personal injury lawyer can help you. Contact our experienced Nebraska motorcycle accident lawyer and personal injury lawyer to obtain your rightful compensation for damages – call now.