Nebraska Car Accidents: Choosing When To Go To the Emergency Room For Your Injury

December 12, 2018 Auto Accidents

If you have been in one of the many Nebraska car accidents that occur every year, you are no doubt frightened and worried about your health. It doesn’t matter if it was a fender bender or a complete wreck, the adrenaline and shock that you feel will eventually fade away and you may realize that you are severely injured. Even if you are not in pain directly after an accident, you need to seek medical attention for your own safety. However, should you go to the emergency room after Nebraska car accidents or should you just go to the urgent care? There is no certain answer, but there are some ways to ascertain what you should do.

Nebraska Car Accidents Treatment

If you have any obvious life-threatening injuries that you receive from Nebraska car accidents, you need to go to the emergency room as soon as possible. If you can, getting help from an EMT or emergency services can save your life and help your injuries to heal much more quickly.

The situations in which you need to go to the emergency room include breathing difficulties, severe burns, broken bones, trauma, uncontrolled bleeding, or if you hit your head in any way. If you have some lesser injuries, such as bruising, pain, or something else that is tolerable, you may still want to go to urgent care. It is always better to err on the side of caution and go.

Remember that injuries can hide under the stress or adrenaline of the situation and you might feel like you are fine. As that wears away, you might start to notice your injuries more. It is essential that you obtain medical proof that your injuries emerged directly following the accident for insurance purposes.

Nebraska Car Accidents and Injury Waiting Times

If you have a severe injury after a Nebraska car accident, you might debate going to an urgent care because you think that the waiting times will be faster. In some cases, you are right. The majority of urgent care patients will have waiting times that are shorter than 20 minutes, though there are some situations, including holidays, where the waiting times are longer. The length of the waiting time in emergency rooms is also longer on holidays, but it is longer overall.

If your injury isn’t that serious, emergency rooms tend to take patients on a need-basis – meaning that if someone comes in with an injury that is more serious, they will be taken before you are.

One thing that you do need to be aware of is that some urgent care centers do close, while emergency rooms do not. If you are in an accident in the middle of the night, you might be better off going to the emergency room.

Nebraska Car Accidents: Cost Difference Between Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care

One of the major reasons that someone doesn’t go to the hospital or urgent care after an accident is because they do not want to pay. However, you need to realize that an injury can prevent you from living your daily life. You absolutely need to seek medical help if you were injured in the accident. You may even have some internal damage that can only be confirmed through imaging. It is better to get checked out than to be sorry later when your injuries start to emerge.

If you do not have insurance or you are worried about the cost, going to an urgent care is generally less expensive than going to the traditional emergency room. Another thing to consider is that you may be able to get compensation after your accident. Of course you cannot predict the amount of money you may get, or if you will get money at all, but it is something to consider when weighing whether or not to seek medical attention.

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