Parts Of Your Car To Keep An Eye On For Your Safety

March 29, 2019 Auto Accident Lawyer

Auto inspection laws vary from state to state, but in Nebraska, people tend to have even more questions about them. Many people get their cars regularly inspected so that they can be safe when they are driving and ensure that other people are safe as well. Even if you don’t have your car regularly inspected, there is still a need to keep it performing at a top level so that you can get from place to place safely.

Drivers all over Nebraska need to learn about what aspects of their cars matter for safety – here is our breakdown:

Vehicle, Insurance, and Driver Information

You always want to make sure that the driver of the car is currently registered and licensed. While you might not think it is important to check everyone over a certain age, you still want to check to make sure that they have a valid license. You also want to ensure that your registration is current.

At the same time, you need to guarantee that your car has current insurance. In a world of direct payments, it can be easy to miss one and then not have coverage that will keep you (and everyone else) covered in the case of an accident.

The Car’s Exterior

The easiest way to tell that your car is falling into disrepair may be to look at the outside of it. You want to ensure that everything is attached (you’d be surprised how many license plates fall off) and everything works correctly. Check your lights regularly, ensure that there’s no trimming coming off, and you want to do just a general once-over regularly. Of course, you want to investigate your windows and windshield to check for cracks or chips that could lead to problems later.

Especially after a severe storm, you want to check your wiper blades and the seals around your windows to ensure there isn’t any damage that will allow water to seep into your car.

Finally, check your bumper for stability and for any signs of damage that you may not have noticed.

Dings or scrapes on your car might not impact performance, but they can impact the look of your car, so if you want to get them taken care of, it is usually easier to do so when they are fresh.

The Car’s Interior

The inside of your car can impact performance as well. You want to ensure that your steering wheel and steering column are working correctly. This means that your wheels turn as they should, and there isn’t any sticking. You want to ensure that the steering wheel itself is free of debris and not slippery. While there, you may want to check to ensure that the horn works properly.

The brakes are probably the most critical safety feature of a car’s mechanism. You want to make sure that your brake pads don’t need to be replaced. At the same time, check that the brake pedal doesn’t go too low and that the parking brake is working.

Check your seatbelts so that there isn’t any wear that can cause them to tear during an accident.

While inside your car, you may want to clean out any debris or trash that you see.

Engine Check

Of course, you want to ensure that your engine is always in working order. Open the hood regularly and check for any leaks or damage. In many states, an inspection will look at your exhaust, fuel, transmission, coolant, battery, and various liquids.

While you might not know a lot about cars, making yourself familiar with the sights and sounds of the engine could help you to know when something has gone wrong.

It is important to know that a car can only do so much to help you in an accident – especially if that accident involves a semi truck or a vehicle that is much bigger than your own. Still, doing what you can to keep everything operating properly will only help you.

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