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Do you need a personal injury lawyer in Uehling, NE? Matthew Miller, an Omaha based personal injury lawyer has been providing clients with individualized, ethical representation in the Uehling, NE area for years. We help you to get the settlement that you are entitled to without having to put your entire lifestyle on hold.

It can be confusing at times because there are many different sorts of personal injury cases in Uehling, NE, and each one calls for an expert personal injury attorney that has hands-on experience with the law in the courtroom and outside of it. Even more, someone who is willing to go to court and fight for you – not JUST negotiate out of court. Our Uehling, NE personal injury lawyer will help you to determine which course is best for you and how you can move forward to get the best possible end results.

Contact Matthew Miller right now at (402) 558-4900 to learn more – he will meet with you to talk about your options in your personal injury case.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Uehling, NE for Car, Truck, Tractor Trailer, or Motorcycle Accident

If you or a loved one has been harmed in Uehling, NE in an automobile, truck, tractor-trailer, or motorcycle collision and the at-fault person’s insurance company is playing hardball, is avoiding you altogether, has offered to settle with you out of court, or is asking a lot of questions about medical permission or release forms, you need a qualified personal injury lawyer to help you navigate the murky waters.

If you have not talked to a personal injury lawyer with knowledge in the Uehling, NE legal system yet, don’t authorize anything or release anything to someone before you have evaluated it with a qualified lawyer who has your best interests at heart. The legal representatives for the trucking company or insurance company will not be on your side.

Whatever you do, make sure that you talk to a personal injury lawyer that has experience in Uehling, NE so that you can get the settlement you deserve and so that you can be sure that your rights aren’t risked – you may need help today or into the future. Even if you are uncertain about whether or not you have a case, talking to an experience personal injury lawyer can help you ponder whether or not to continue. Matthew Miller will walk you through your alternatives and help you to understand what you might gain from filing a personal injury claim – he will not force you to do anything that you do not feel comfortable doing.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Uehling, NE: We Can Help

Knowing all aspects of the legal system in Uehling, NE, Matthew Miller, a personal injury lawyer can help you to know all of the legal terms and conversations that you will run into. This is a difficult thing to do, especially for those who have not been involved in court cases before now. For automobile accidents, it requires a knowledge of trucking laws on a statewide and national level, something only a lawyer who has worked on both sides of the aisle like Matthew Miller has. As a lawyer, he has worked to represent those big trucking and insurance companies, but now serves as a personal injury lawyer for the Uehling, NE area.

A lawyer licensed in Nebraska can serve as your personal injury lawyer in Uehling, NE. Based in Omaha, Matthew Miller stands for clients all over Nebraska, including Uehling. He will be able to help build up a case that applies to your predicament specifically all while working with you where you are – you do not have to worry about travelling to his base while fighting.

Matthew Miller’s major focus as a personal injury lawyer in Uehling, NE is to get you the compensation you deserve – and make the system as easy to understand as possible.

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If you or a loved one has been hurt, you have the right to compensation for your medical costs, lost wages, and other losses. A personal injury attorney from Nebraska, Matthew Miller will represent you in court in Uehling, NE, fighting hard to get you what you deserve and helping to reduce some of the pain caused by the injury. No matter what the situation is around your case, it is vital to go over your options and try to figure out the best way forward.

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Matt's success as an insurance defense lawyer actually prompted him to change his career focus and go to work representing injured people.

I can't stand bullies. I discovered, when I did insurance defense work, that insurance companies were in a position to take advantage of people whose lives had been turned upside down because of the wrongful conduct of insured policy holders. While I had success in the courtroom on behalf of our insurance company clients, it left me convinced I was working for the wrong side. After winning a case I should not have won, I quit my job and went to work representing injured people. I vowed that I would never again represent an insurance company.

Matt continues:

People come to us having suffered tragic, horrendous harms and losses. I frequently see people whose entire lives, and the lives of their families, have been devastated by someone else's wrongful conduct. These wrongdoers are almost always represented by insurance companies. That's where we come in. We're able to level the playing field and to make sure that no one we represent is going to get pushed around or exploited by an insurance company.

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