What forms do I fill out after a car accident?

After a car accident, you might feel overwhelmed with all of the information that people are asking you for.  There are three major types of forms that you will be presented with after your accident.

  1. Police reports. A police report is important evidence in your car accident case.  You will want to provide any police officer that responds to the crash with your insurance information, vehicle information, and insurance information, as well as a statement for them to record about how the accident occurred.
  2. Insurance forms. Your insurance company and the other driver’s insurance company can sometimes inundate you with forms to fill out about your accident.  If you are unsure about what forms are necessary, bring them to your lawyer so that they can handle it for you.
  3. Medical and health forms. You may need to fill out important applications that will ensure that your medical care is paid for by the appropriate source of insurance.  You may also need to release your medical records to your attorney and to the insurance adjuster.  An experienced Omaha car accident lawyer can help you fill out all of these crucial forms.