What losses can I be compensated for?

When you are in an accident, the legal term for the money you can receive is “damages.”  In Nebraska car accident law, there are several types of damages that you can receive in your personal injury case.  For most car accidents, they fall into the following categories: Medical costs, pain and suffering, property damages, and lost wages.

  • Medical costs: These damages are the costs of your medical treatment. They include doctor’s bills, chiropractor’s bills, medication, future medical expenses, radiology bills, physical therapy bills, and even counseling costs. 
  • Pain and suffering: Pain and suffering is a crucial part of your damages.  This is usually calculated by the amount of weeks that you are totally or partially disabled. However, your pain and suffering can also include other types of suffering, such as the emotional toll the accident took on you and the loss of companionship that your spouse or other close family members suffered because of your injuries.
  • Property damage: Property damage is usually limited to the loss of your vehicle or the cost to repair your vehicle.
  • Lost wages: When your accident causes you to lose time from work, you can be compensated for this time in your car accident case. With a doctor’s note stating that you are unable to work and information about your wage rate and lost time from your employer, you can be compensated by the insurance company for the responsible driver.