Do I need an attorney?

The decision of whether to hire an attorney is yours to make.  You are not legally required to have an attorney represent you in your auto accident claim.  However, we highly recommend that you hire an experienced Omaha personal injury lawyer to handle your claim.  Here are some of the reasons it is beneficial to you to hire an attorney to represent you.

  • You have deadlines. What many injured accident victims don’t understand is the fact that their case is time-sensitive.  There is a statute of limitations of four years after an accident that your claim must be filed in court, but an even more important deadline is putting your insurance company on notice of your claim.  If you don’t follow the rules for your applications and deadlines, your claim could be dead in the water before it is even started.
  • Attorneys are skilled negotiators. Negotiating on behalf of clients is what we do.  Experienced attorneys at Matthew G. Miller know every trick in the insurance company’s book.  We know when to push for a better offer and when to bring your case to trial.
  • Medical bills. Many personal injury victims don’t understand the importance of gathering evidence in your claim.  Much of this evidence is in the form of medical records and medical bills. Matthew G. Miller is skilled in ensuring that the evidence in your claim is presented to the insurance company or the court in its proper format.
  • You only have one bite at the apple. Once you agree to a settlement in your case, you cannot bring another claim for additional expenses or pain and suffering.  If you do not account for future medical expenses, or if you accept a settlement that you later learn was too low, you cannot go back to the insurance company for more money.  An experienced attorney will make sure you are compensated fairly the first time.
  • Time and stress. As soon as you notify the insurance company that you have an attorney, they will be legally obligated to direct all communication through your legal counsel.  That means no more harassing phone calls, no more statements without an attorney present, and no more forms to fill out without a lawyer to help.  It also means that all of your medical records will be reviewed by your attorney before going to the insurance company, so that no unrelated personal information is sent to the insurance company.
  • Potential litigation. Every personal injury case has the potential to go trial, at which point you will usually hire an attorney anyway and pay the same percentage for their work.  Wouldn’t you rather have a lawyer to help you through the process from start to finish?