How to prepare for your first meeting

When you are at a free initial consultation with an attorney, you need to come as prepared as possible.  There are certain questions you will be asked and certain items you should bring with you.

Questions Can Include:

  • Where, when, and how did your accident occur?
    • What was the weather like?
    • How many cars were involved?
    • Were there any passengers?
    • Were the police or medical personnel called?
    • Were any photos or videos taken?
    • Do you have the name, address, and insurance information for the other driver?
  • What are your injuries?
    • Describe your symptoms
    • What medical treatment have you received since the accident?
    • What doctors have you seen?
    • What medications have you been prescribed?
    • Have you received any diagnoses?
    • Were any tests or imaging studies performed?
  • Who insures the vehicles?
    • Have you notified your insurance company?
    • Do you know the insurance information for other parties?
  • Your personal information.
    • Name, address, date of birth, phone number
    • Occupation and information about any days missed from work
    • Have you previously been in motor vehicle accidents?

You should also bring any paperwork or other evidence that you have that relates to any of these questions.  Items such as photographs, police reports, medical discharge papers, insurance forms, and anything else relating to your accident should be brought to your attorney for review.