Dealing With Auto Accident Insurance Company

There will usually be more than one insurance company involved in a car accident case.

The company that you will be filing a claim against is the insurance company for the negligent driver, but your insurance company will also be involved in the claims process as well. Insurance companies are the source of money for most personal injury claims.

The reason drivers are required to carry auto insurance in Nebraska is to ensure that when an accident occurs, there will be available funds for the injured person. The amount paid into insurance premiums is to protect the policyholder against a claim against them personally.

However, insurance companies don’t generally like to do what they are paid to do: compensate accident victims. They hire attorneys and adjusters to defend their interests, seeking to minimize settlements or prevent you from getting any settlement. When accident victims attempt to go through this process on their own, it can be extremely frustrating.

You Have More Than One Insurance Company To Worry About

In any Omaha car accident claim, there are usually multiple insurance companies involved.  Your insurance company will be involved in your claim, sometimes paying for the repairs of your car to be later reimbursed by the other company and sometimes paying out for a portion of your claim if you are partially at fault. You will also have to deal with the insurance company for the other driver, with whom you will file your third-party claim for compensation. We do not advise our clients to have any conversations with the other driver’s insurance company without having first spoken to an attorney.

In addition to your insurance company and the insurance company for the negligent driver, there can often be additional complications.  Health insurance companies can sometimes pay for bills that they wish to be reimbursed for, and sometimes, if the vehicle that hits you is a commercial vehicle or you are driving a work vehicle, there can be business insurance and workers’ compensation insurance companies that become involved.  In these complex cases, we highly recommend that you hire an attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights.

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Hire an Omaha Car Accident Attorney to Handle the Insurance Company For You

Dealing with insurance companies can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming.  And what’s worse is that they are always looking for a way to deny your claim or keep themselves from having to pay by tricking you into admitting liability in your case.  When you hire Matthew G. Miller, you don’t have to face the insurance company alone.  We will handle all correspondence from the insurance company on your behalf, and if you need to make any statements to the insurance company, Matthew G. Miller will make sure they do not overstep their bounds.   Call our office as soon as possible after your auto accident to set up a free personal injury case consultation . He will help you stand up to the insurance company and get a fair settlement for your Omaha car accident injuries.

“Meeting Matt Miller was the best thing that happened to me after my accident. In the end I did receive a nice payout for my injuries…It was the most difficult time of my life but Matt Miller helped to make it a positive experience. I would happily recommend Matt to anyone who has a personal injury case.” – Dan Sundermeier, client

If you were injured and you don’t know what to do next, please call our office today to schedule a free personal injury case consultation with an attorney at Matthew G. Miller.

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