What do I do if the other driver and insurance company deny liability?

If the other driver and their insurance company deny liability, don’t give up.

Speak with an attorney about your situation to get an honest opinion about whether or not you should continue with your claim.

Sometimes, insurance companies wrongfully deny otherwise legitimate claims. It is in their interest to put up roadblocks to your settlement, including denying your claim, delaying your claim, and making you want to give up with the process. With Matthew G. Miller on your side, you can fight back against the insurance company.

Sometimes, there is an error in a police report, or a simple explanation for the reason the insurance company is denying your claim. An attorney’s job is to advocate for you. This is where your lawyer can present the evidence in your case to the insurance company and argue on your behalf.

If they still won’t enter into settlement negotiations with you, it is still not the end of the road. Your attorney can file a personal injury action on your behalf in the Nebraska courts.