Semi Truck Collision Attorney

Truck accidents happen on Nebraska’s highways and streets. Most of these drivers are safe and professional. All of these drivers follow federal safety rules that keep our highways safe and protect us all. Unfortunately, when the drivers of these big trucks don’t follow these important safety rules, people get hurt.

When a passenger car is struck by a large truck, the injuries to the victims are much more likely to be fatal than injuries from an accident involving two smaller vehicles.  Anyone involved in a truck accident has to contend with two major problems. First, semi trucks and tractor-trailers are massive, and so collisions with them tend to cause serious injuries. Second, trucking companies are typically owned by large corporate entities, and they have experience minimizing their liability for injuries caused when their trucks are involved in accidents. 

Ways That Trucking Accidents Happen

Trucking accidents can be caused by some of the same negligent activities that cause car accidents.  However, they can also be caused by some characteristics that are specific to large commercial trucks.  These include accidents caused by jackknifing, driver fatigue or incompetence, inability to apply hydraulic braking system in time, or from shifting weight of the cargo, causing fishtailing or swerving.  All of these situations can cause serious accidents, and when they involve a passenger car and a large truck, there is a high probability that there will be catastrophic injuries to one or more of the parties involved.

Serious Injuries from Truck Accidents

While any type of accident can cause serious injuries, truck accidents are more likely to cause catastrophic and sometimes fatal injuries.  Common semi truck accident injuries include trauma to internal organs, bleeding, head and brain injury, paralysis, neck and spine injury, lacerations, broken bones, and soft tissue injuries.  All of these injuries will require extensive medical care, including surgery, therapy, extended hospitalization, and medication.  In some cases, victims of these injuries never make a full recovery.  This is why you need an experienced attorney to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Act Quickly to Preserve Evidence

Unfortunately, evidence in truck accident cases is fleeting. Within a few days, tire tracks start to fade from the road and material witnesses begin to forget what they saw. The first days, weeks and months after your accident are crucial to documenting the evidence necessary for proving precisely what happened and for demonstrating who was at fault. If this evidence disappears, then your case could be severely weakened: you might even jeopardize your claim altogether.

At Matthew G. Miller, we will personally conduct a thorough investigation of your accident. When necessary, we will examine the scene, take photos, interview witnesses, and work to gain access to inspect the damaged vehicles. The sooner this investigation can begin, the stronger your case will ultimately be.

Hire an Attorney To Represent You Today

Only an experienced lawyer can help you understand and protect your rights in your Nebraska trucking accident claim. One of the best ways to learn about a law firm is to see what former clients have said. We encourage you to read our clients testimonials here or, if you would like to schedule a free consultation to discuss your claim, contact our Omaha, Nebraska, law office any time.