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If you or a loved one has suffered from significant burn injuries due to an auto accident or someone else’s negligence, you deserve to retain the services of top rated Omaha burn injury lawyer Matthew G. Miller. Burn injuries can be the product of chemical burns from accidents or traditional burns from fires during an accident. These burns can range in severity, but they can be especially traumatic when the person is trapped in a burning car. If you have been in an accident that led to burn injuries, make sure you contact an experienced burn injury lawyer to ensure that you receive the compensation you need for your medical costs and suffering.

If you or a loved one has suffered serious burns as a result of a car accident, contact Matthew G. Miller, PC, LLO today to speak with an experienced Omaha burn injury lawyer today.

Most Common Types of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are increasing in number across the board, and the severity of those burns has also increased as a result of car accidents. Burns can be a result of something going wrong mechanically inside of the car or something that reacted with a substance on the road. Either way, burn injuries can range in significance, but almost all will require significant medical intervention.

As a leading Omaha burn injury lawyer, Matthew G. Miller helps you receive the compensation that you need to recover funds used to cover medical costs, rehabilitation, lost wages, and more. He will work with medical professionals, accident reconstructionist, witnesses, and local law enforcement to ensure that you get the treatment you deserve without having to worry about your livelihood or mounting expenses.

There are four major types of burns that an accident victim could suffer from:

Thermal burns are the most common in car accidents, and they are caused by contact with fire, steam, hot liquids, and sources of heat. Chemical burns are also quite common in car accidents and can be caused by contact with chemicals, acids, or other fluids that are common in cars. Light burns can be caused by UV exposure or sunlight exposure, though they are not nearly as common. Radiation burns are caused by contact with nuclear radiation and are also not common at all in car accidents.

The amount of compensation that you can receive from a burn injury lawsuit depends on the severity of the burn. The severity of the burn impacts the amount of medical treatment and rehabilitation necessary to treat the wound. First degree burns are the least severe, where only the top layer of skin is damaged. These burns are characterized by minor inflammation and redness. Typically, they will heal within a week and can be treated in a non-medicated manner – but you should still get them looked at by a medical professional.

Second degree burns damage your skin below the top layer. After an accident, your skin may be red and blistered. These burns take weeks to heal and typically require medical intervention to ensure that they heal with the least possible scarring.

Finally, the worst burns are third degree burns that extend through all layers of skin and can impact your bones and organs, depending on where they are. Third degree burns can lead to charring, white skin, or black wounds. Those who experience third degree burns may have permanent nerve damage, hypothermia, and can even die.

After an accident involving a burn, you should get checked out by a medical professional, Not only will this help you to heal from the damage, but it will create a record that you can then use in your case with a top burn injury lawyer in Omaha, Matthew Miller.

Compensation for Your Car Accident Burn Injuries

Burns rank among the most expensive and traumatic injuries to seek medical treatment for after a car accident. Even a first degree burn may become infected and can require quite significant medical treatment. Third degree burns, in particular, can take years and years to heal and can severely impact your quality of life and inhibit your ability to work.

If you are the victim of a burn injury after a car accident, you will need an experienced personal injury and burn attorney to protect your rights and seek the compensation that you deserve. With over 30 years of experience in Omaha, attorney Matthew G. Miller is the man for the job.

You Need A Top Burn Injury Lawyer

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A serious injury can leave you with many questions regarding the cause of your accident and your legal options. To help explain the basics of personal injury law and how our dedicated legal team can help you, we have compiled the following list of frequently asked questions:

Accidents, injuries, and sudden deaths create chaos in our lives. After the dust has settled, what is left can be confusing, especially when it comes to whether or not you have a case. To better understand whether your situation warrants a case, call us today. We will be able to help you understand the legal implications of your situation.

If you think you may want to open a case, it is imperative that you contact us as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the most common reason people don’t win their accident, injury or wrongful death case is because they wait too long to file their claims, so the sooner you can contact us, the stronger your case will be.

Matthew G Miller is an extremely talented, vigilant lawyer who has worked in law for over 30 years. Our law firm is proud to have exceptionally hard-working team members who put everything into winning cases and obtaining compensation for our clients.

However, there is no guarantee that any lawyer will win your case. During your initial meeting, we will talk about your case and get an understanding of whether or not you have the potential to win your case, and what your next steps are if you want to proceed.

Are you ready to move forward with your personal injury case? It is important that you contact an Omaha, NE lawyer as soon as possible. Our team of dedicated legal professionals is ready to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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It is important to know that you should always talk to a lawyer before starting your case. Insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind and will want to settle for much less than you deserve.

The amount of money that your case is worth is dependent on many factors, including:

  • The details of your accident
  • What types of injuries you have
  • Insurance coverage for you and the policy of the person liable for your injury
  • The evidence available
  • Your lawyer
  • Whether or not you decide to settle

Once we understand the details of your case, our legal team will be better prepared to determine what kind of monetary damages you are entitled to for your injuries, lost wages, and other factors.

When you hire our law firm, we will get to work for you immediately. Time is of the essence in many cases, as we need to obtain details and evidence from accident sites, police reports, doctor’s reports, and more.

It is never too early to contact our law firm so that we can get to work on your case because time is often of the essence. In fact, it is better to start working with our lawyer as soon as possible so that evidence, reports, and testimonies can be gathered.

It is important to note that you do not have to wait until your medical treatment is finished to file a claim or start your case. When you first talk to our lawyer, he will answer any questions you have about filing a claim, and how long you can expect the case to take.

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