Safety Tips During Road Construction

August 14, 2014 Auto Accidents

Road construction season, also known as spring and summer, is in full swing here in Omaha.  As the weather heats up, so does the busy construction work on Nebraska’s roads and highways.  Some work can be large-scale projects re-routing busy routes, expanding roads, and re-paving.  But other times, construction work is not as clearly marked, and can include a single worker fixing potholes or cleaning the side of the road.

Regardless of how large or small the construction project is, there is a threat to safely of both the workers and the drivers.  When you are driving in a construction zone, you should follow these simple safety tips to keep you and your family safe on the road.

  • Use extreme caution on uneven pavement. In our line of work, we see many serious and fatal accidents.  One cause of serious accidents that many drivers are unaware of is high speeds on uneven pavement.  Even if construction is not currently ongoing, you need to use extreme caution on uneven pavement.  These road conditions can cause a car to quickly spin out of control and has contributed to many rollover accidents on highways.
  • Obey posted speed limit signs. In most construction zones, there is a reduced speed limit sign posted.  You should obey these signs, not just to avoid a speeding ticket, but to keep yourself safe.  Even if there is not a posted construction zone speed limit, the moment you see any indication of road work, you should immediately slow your vehicle below the normal speed limit.
  • Allow for extra space between cars.  Space between vehicles allows for reaction time.  If you are too close behind the person in front of you, you will be unable to stop in time.  In construction zones, there can be additional reasons that you could need to quickly stop or slow your vehicle, such as workers, traffic ahead, or bumps in the road.  Always maintain a considerable space between you and the car in front of you in construction areas.
  • Give the road your undivided attention. Detours, signs, and construction cones can be confusing.  Turn off the radio, cease all conversation on cell phones or with passengers, and really focus on the road in front of you.  This will limit the chance that you are diverted into an improper area or that you need to stop short to turn onto a detour.

With these simple safe driving tips, you can keep yourself safe and reduce your chances of being involved in a construction zone accident.  However, sometimes accidents happen no matter how careful you are.  If another driver was not paying attention and rear-ended you, for example, there is not much you can do about the situation except make sure you have an experienced Omaha personal injury attorney on your team to represent you in your accident case.  If you have any questions about construction zone accidents and liability, call our office today to schedule a free personal injury case consultation.