Signs You Need Medical Attention After An Injury

March 1, 2019 Personal Injury Lawyer

Every day, thousands of people are injured in car accidents and many, many more are injured in other accidents. Sometimes, these injuries don’t initially appear to be that bad and so instead of seeking medical attention, we just continue on with our busy lives. It isn’t until later that we realize that we were injured in that auto accident. Of course, we all notice wounds that bleed or broken bones. However, sometimes the injuries are so deep that we don’t recognize them for what they are. Other times, adrenaline released at the time of the accident blocks out any pain that we might feel.

So how can you know that you need medical attention after an injury? It depends on what that injury is:

Signs You Need Medical Attention After Head Injuries

If you have injuries to your head after an accident or a fall, you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible. The most common injury after a head blow is a concussion. With a concussion or a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), your brain bounces against the inside of your skull and the impact causes a chemical reaction in your brain. You may not notice that you have an injury right away but you may notice neck pain, headache, nausea, or dizziness develop within a few weeks. You might have momentary bouts of amnesia or you may notice deep looking bruises on the skull. These are serious signs of traumatic brain injury and even if you think you don’t need medical attention, it is best to seek it just to make sure everything is fine and you are healthy.

Facial injuries can often look worse than they actually are because the skin on our faces is thin and shows bruising easily. However, if you feel loose teeth, there is significant swelling around your eyes and nose, or your skin is gaping around the wounds, you need to seek medical attention. It is best not to wait because a facial injury can leave scarring, especially as you age.

Signs You Need Medical Attention After Neck Injuries

Neck injuries are just as significant as head injuries. It is extremely common for car crashes from the side to cause the neck to snap quickly and result in neck strain or the dislocation of your vertebrae. Often, people believe that they can treat their injuries with pain relievers, but it can be much more serious than that. If you have an extremely stiff neck or there is shooting pain that radiates into your head or down through your spine, you absolutely need to get your neck checked by a physician. Swelling or visible bulging needs to be investigated by a medical professional, as well.

Another common injury after an accident is to the collarbone. Seatbelts, in particular, will save your life but they are likely to cause injury to your collarbone, which is somewhat sensitive. While broken collarbones may heal on their own, it is not without medical intervention. Even if you think that you are fine, any pain in your collarbone should be investigated as this is an injury that can get worse over time.

Signs You Need Medical Attention After Back Injuries

Back injuries can impact you for the rest of your life, which is why you should always get medical attention if you think that there is any chance of injury. Spinal cord injuries are particularly vicious and can reduce the feeling or function of your extremities. However, the soft tissues and muscles in the back are much more likely to be harmed.

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