Getting injured in a DUI crash can be an extremely traumatizing event for you, your family, and everyone who cares about you. Whether the injury required a few bandages and painkillers or complex surgery and rehabilitation, the physical and mental effects can last a long time. At the time of the accident, you may not even be conscious, so it can be difficult to get information. Sure, you feel lucky to be alive, but you know that your plight has just begun. For many people, they aren’t as worried about their physical injuries; instead they are focused on the medical costs, lost wages, and how they will make ends meet.

For many people, insurance will cover financial losses. However, there is no doubt that most drunk driver cases go into a settlement or a court case. Working within insurance policies can be tricky, however, and you will need to work with someone who can help you to fight for your rights.

If you were injured in a DUI accident,  an accident attorney in Omaha may be able to help you.

You Do Not Have To Settle Right Away – Take Your Time To Heal

Regardless of what happened, you want to make sure that you give yourself enough time to assess injuries after a DUI car accident – this means not settling right away. Of course, the other driver’s insurance company will try to pressure you into settling early just to close the case and try to pay less than you deserve. However, minor accidents can result in injuries that don’t make themselves apparent at first – after all, your adrenaline is rushing.

After the accident, you may be asked to sign a “release of liability” as a condition of a settlement – do not do this. This will bar you from getting compensation from any injuries that do not make themselves immediately apparent. You want to wait until your condition has stabilized to sign anything.

Not Settling May Help You Get More Leverage

You may also have more leverage in discussions if you do not settle right away. Insurance companies are incredibly hesitant to resolve something in front of a judge and jury since they rarely seem sympathetic to their side. Of course, there are limits to what an insurance company will pay – and if you believe that you deserve more than what they are willing to offer, you might need to file a civil suit.

Either way, cases are all likely to end in a settlement of some kind. The key is to avoid settling too soon. Instead, work with a lawyer to get the best possible result.

Hit By a Drunk Driver and Looking to Settle? Get an Attorney’s Help As Soon As Possible

After you have taken the time to heal and assess how you feel, you may need to get to work. However, the earliest possible time you can retain a lawyer, the better. Your lawyer will have to get information that may be time sensitive. This can include recreating the accident, talking to witnesses, getting information from doctors, and more.

Every state has different laws pertaining to accidents and insurance policies. The truth is that these cases can be quite tricky and complicated. That is why hiring an experienced DUI attorney is key to moving forward and ensuring your rights are respected.

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If you have sustained a serious injury as a result of a DUI accident, it can be extremely life-altering, and can even lead to death. Even so, if you or a loved one were injured in a DUI accident, you do have a right to fight for the compensation that you deserve. If you are suffering after an accident, contacting an auto accident lawyer with experience can help to overcome your struggles and come away with the compensation you deserve and give you back your peace of mind. Call us now at (402) 558-4900.