Whiplash Injuries: What to Do

July 30, 2019 Whiplash Injuries

If you have been in a car accident or a work-related accident that has caused stiffness or sore muscles in your neck, you may have suffered from soft tissue damage during impact. Often, this results in an injury called whiplash. If you believe that you have suffered from a soft tissue injury, particularly whiplash, do not speak to an insurance adjuster until you have received medical treatment for your injuries and talked to a qualified whiplash attorney. Whiplash injuries can be serious and possibly have long-lasting repercussions, so it is important to act quickly and contact an experienced lawyer.

As soon as you possibly can after an accident, see a doctor for a complete evaluation of your injuries. This will ensure that you get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan for your injuries. At the same time, it will provide documentation so that your medical costs can be accurately estimated when negotiating with insurance companies for compensation.

Whiplash and Other Common Soft Tissue Injuries

While car accidents are certainly the most common reason, you can sustain a soft tissue injury in many different ways. If you believe that you have sustained whiplash or any type of soft tissue injury, regardless of the accident type, it is important to not only take care of yourself physically but also mentally.

Damage to the soft tissues happens when ligaments, tendons, or muscles are whipped or suddenly and forcefully torn. You may feel it right away during an accident or it may not become apparent until after your adrenaline stops pumping – that is why you should wait to talk to insurance companies. Other common soft tissue injuries include stress injuries, sprains and strains, and deep tissue bruising.

After A Whiplash Diagnosis

After you have been diagnosed with whiplash or another soft tissue injury, many doctors will recommend therapy or even prescribe medication to help with the pain and swelling. Either way, treatment can be quite expensive and time-consuming, resulting in time away from work and lost wages. Of course, your first priority should always be to heal and rehab your injuries. You don’t want to spend what little time you do have fighting insurance companies for compensation, but sometimes that is what happens. This is why hiring a qualified personal injury lawyer is so important.

You may have to take it easy for a long time after whiplash. Do your best to follow your doctor’s instructions and take time to rest in order to heal.

Whiplash Lawyer at Miller Stockmann

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You can also fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible. Please know that any information you provide to Miller Stockmann. will be kept confidential, even if you do not choose to use our services. Whiplash can be a serious injury and you should at least looking into hiring a qualified lawyer.

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