Who is At Fault For Construction Site Injuries?

June 15, 2019 Construction Site Injuries

If you work on construction sites, you put yourself in danger every day. With that being said, you might wonder who is at fault for construction site injuries? Construction accidents that lead to significant physical injuries require you to identify the person or persons who are at fault for your injuries. As the circumstances surrounding every injury are different, you need to consult with an experienced attorney in order to significantly improve your chances of receiving the compensation that you deserve.

It is important to note that these cases are extremely complex, but bear in mind that time is of the essence – to figure out just who is at fault, you will need to work quickly. 

Who Is At Fault For Injuries On Construction Sites?

Accidents are construction sites are the results of a number of different things, so in order to determine just who is at fault, legal professionals need to be able to figure out the following details:

Where was the accident? Construction workers have jobs in a variety of places and often travel on the way there. The first thing to determine is just where the accident occurred.

What were the conditions at the construction site? The conditions of the accident site are one of the most critical factors in determining just who is at fault. If the conditions were not up to basic safety standards, the person who is responsible for maintaining that area could be the one at fault for any injuries at the construction site.

Was there equipment involved? Vehicles and/or tools used on a construction site are quite dangerous. Sometimes, there are injuries that can be traced all the way back to the manufacturer of these vehicles or tools. Sometimes, they were not maintained or constructed properly. Other times, it was just user error.

Who had control over the equipment and construction site? There is often a foreperson or supervisor on the construction site, it is important to identify who was in charge and whether his or her actions directly led to the injury.

Whom do you work for? Often, the employer is the party that is ultimately responsible for the injuries that you suffer in a construction accident. Be sure that you know who you work for and whom your employers work for, if applicable.

As your claim for construction site injuries unfolds, you will likely have to answer more detailed questions about your particular situation that will help you and your lawyer identify who is at fault for the construction site injury. Identifying just who the parties responsible for your injuries are is critical to the success of any insurance claim or lawsuit for those injuries, so consulting with an experienced construction accident attorney is a good idea.

Common Parties At Fault for Construction Accident Injuries

Although determining fault in construction accidents really does depend on the situation, some of the most common parties to look at include:

  • Your employer or his employer
  • The general contractor
  • Independent contractors on the job site
  • Coworkers handling any tools or equipment related to the injury
  • Owner of the construction site property
  • Manufacturers and salespeople who made or sold the equipment

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