If you were to look at the data for the most common types of car accidents, it wouldn’t be surprising to see that rear-end collisions are some of the most common. If a driver’s vehicle is struck from behind, the accident is (in almost all cases) the striking driver’s fault. It doesn’t typically matter if the first driver stopped or was reckless. If you were involved in a rear end collision, an auto injury lawyer may be able to tell you what to do after a car accident.

Why is it most often the striking driver’s fault? Traffic laws unilaterally say that a driver must follow at a distance that will enable them to make a safe stop of the vehicle or vehicles ahead of them slow down or stop. If a driver cannot stop in a reasonable amount of time, there is a chance that he or she is not driving in a safe manner.

Vehicle Damage Tells The Story of Liability In Many Cases

For almost every rear end accident, the damage done to the vehicles explains quite a bit about what happened. Specifically, the vehicle damage can prove how the accident happened and if there is a reason not to fault the striking driver.

If the striking vehicle has front end damage and the struck vehicle has rear end damage, there typically aren’t any questions about what happened. However, if one car has a strange amount of damage, there may need to be some investigation.

What Happens Where There Are More Than Two Cars Involved In A Rear End Collision?

When there are more than two cars involved in an accident, it can be more complicated and can result in more significant damages. If two vehicles are pushed into each other and then they both hit a third, it can be much more complicated. However, if the cars simply hit each other in a line, they are all the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle that initially hit. Sometimes, there will be some damages assigned to the middle drivers as well.

However, the law almost always protects the “middle” drivers. This is because it is clear that the original driver caused the collision between the middle cars and the accident was unavoidable.

There are other variations on this accident, however. For example, if a driver hits the car in front of him because of another driver who caused the first car to stop, the striking driver may be able to file a third-party claim against the driver who caused the sudden stop.

If this all seems complicated, that’s because it is. Accidents get more and more complicated the more people there are in them, so you want to reach out to a lawyer ASAP.

Is It Ever Possible for the Driver of Car Hit From Behind in a Rear-End Collision to Be at Fault?

There is a chance the driver whose car is hit may bear some of the fault for the accident. This could be if the vehicle didn’t function properly, like if the brake lights did not work or the hit car blew a tire and stopped right in the middle of the lane. In those instances, there is a chance that the driver may have contributed to the collision.

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