Will My Case Go to Trial?

Will My Case Go to Trial?

When we first meet with our clients for the free personal injury case consultation we are often asked if the case will go to trial. Understandably the idea of a trial causes some people anxiety. The answer to whether or not your case will go to trial is it depends, but it is unlikely. We want you to know that:

  • Going to trial is your choice. In the vast majority of cases there are settlement offers made prior to trial. It is always your choice whether or not to accept a settlement offer or proceed to trial. This is a decision your attorney can advise you on, but it is a decision only you are empowered to make.
  • We stand by our clients. If your case does proceed to trial, we will do everything in our power to make sure that you feel prepared, understand the trial process, and know what to expect. Our firm prides itself on being client-oriented because we want the process to be as easy as possible for you.

Most Cases Do Not Go to Trial

In 2016, the Nebraska Federal Court reported 230 civil case filings for the year. There were 22 cases tried that same year. So, roughly 10% of all cases filed ever go to trial.

At Matthew G. Miller our practice has proved that about 65% of all cases we handle are resolved by settlement without ever filing a lawsuit. When lawsuits are filed, typically they settle before trial.

Our job is to get our clients the most compensation possible under Nebraska law. In some cases we are not able to reach a favorable settlement agreement. This may be because the defendant simply will not make or accept a settlement offer, or will make only an unreasonable settlement offer.

If A Favorable Settlement Cannot Be Reached

If a favorable settlement cannot be reached, we are not afraid to take your case to trial. Our attorneys are seasoned jury trial lawyers. This means that we are equipped to get you the best possible outcome. Many insurance companies decide how much someone will recover based on whether or not their lawyer actually picks juries and tries cases to a verdict. Insurance companies know us as attorneys who routinely try cases to verdict.

It is important that you hire an experienced trial lawyer to help with your claim. Not all lawyers are trial lawyers. Filing a case does not make someone a trial lawyer. Experience in front of a jury is what matters. Insurance companies know which lawyers try cases and which ones do not. If an insurance company knows your lawyer will not go to court, that insurance adjuster or lawyer will not offer you fair compensation. Ask your lawyer about his or her jury trial experience. Odds are you won’t need to go to trial. If you do need to, you want the right lawyer for the job.

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